Amazing Tips to Boost Your Magento E-commerce Checkout

It is obvious to see that in the e-commerce business, profit is proportional to the checkout flow. Hence, how to effectively boost the e-commerce checkout flow to the optimal level is the goal issue of online stores through time. To effectively reach the goal, Magento developers have released the One Step Checkout extension which speeds up checkout process to increase the conversion rate and enhance checkout flow. The extension is continuously updated to fit with the growing trend of e-commerce business and the latest version of the module which you can easily find on search engines is Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension.

While Magento community has got their own method to build an excellent checkout flow, what about others platform based websites? No matter what types of platform your website is built on; WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify or Joomla; the 7 tips we provide below absolutely work for your store site.

Perspicuous Contents

Writing intelligent contents for your website is not only good for SEO but also delight your shoppers. A good content should include:

  • -High-quality product images
  • -Short, unique and easy to follow details
  • -Clear sizes and numbers
  • -Short script video
  • -Testimonials

magento 2 one step checkout

Stop Requiring the Registration

In the latest study of reasons for abandonment in US of Statista, there are 35% shoppers confirm to abandon carts due to the registration requirement on the website. Through the data, it is not hard to realize that forcing your visitors to register can negatively affect your shopper’s attitude as well as your profit.

Sign up for a new account can benefit shoppers for the next time purchases as all their information has been saved. However, how can you get these next-time-purchases when your shoppers decide to cancel the shopping process just because they are eliminated by the account requirement?

From that point of view, the best idea here is providing your visitors with Guest Mode and a comparing features table between checkout as Guest and creating an account to let your shoppers freely choose the one that suitable for them. The comparing table should be shown with the guest mode and registration offers as well.

Security Guarantee

Even you have advanced your website security system and bring your visitors a clear and safe suffering, a guarantee banner or a trust token can totally earn customer trust for your store.

Optimized Products Navigation

Once shoppers come to your store they will undoubtedly navigate your site and find their favorite items first. To fasten the process and cut out the wasting time while wandering around for the chosen items, you should boost up your searching approach as well as configure the products under the navigation.

There is an extension for Magento 2 users that can bring the most pleasant experience for visitors called Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension from Mageplaza. This extension play a role as a clever map on your website to let shoppers instantly filter the products by attributes or price.

magento 2 one step checkout

Never More Than 3 Checkout Steps

The reloading page is not a comfortable experience to shoppers. Thus, a checkout process that has more than 3 steps on 3 different pages can cause bothersome interruption to visitors. Hence, the most superior solution now is integrating a module or hire a high-qualified developer to help you optimize your checkout process.

Below is the picture of the result when adapting Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension on a Magento 2 website. Besides gathering all checkout steps on one page only, Mageplaza One Step Checkout also has automatic features to pleased the shoppers.

magento 2 one step checkout

Suitable Payment Methods

Before providing payment options on your site you should orient your potential customers. Narrow the geographical location can also assist you in choosing the most convenient payment methods for your shoppers.

magento 2 one step checkout

Free Shipping Promotion

You may surprise to be noticed that 61% shoppers claim that they abandon the shopping cart because of the unreasonable extra fees in their orders what exactly are shipping fee, taxes, and other additional fees. As shipping fee depends on the distance and taxes are unchangeable since each area has its own tax policy, a free shipping or discount on taxes and additional fees can totally excite your shoppers.