Frequently asked questions

Which pages does the gift wrap invitation appear on?

The invitation is allowed to display on Product Detail Page, Shopping Cart Page, Checkout Page.

Can a customer select the wrapper on a pop-up?

Yes, a pop-up will display when customers click on “Add Your Gift Wrap” or “Change Your Gift Wrap” button. Customers can select their favored wrapping paper with ease.

Can a customer leave a message with the gift?

Yes, there is an “Add a message” section on the gitt wrap pop-up, which allows customers to add the the message card with their gifts easily. Admins can set fee for gift message.

Can the wrappers be divided into categories for specific occasions?

Yes, admins just need to create categories with specific names then add the wrappers into these categories such as Birthday, Christmas, and so on. Customers can find out easily the wrappers when they are sorted out clearly.

Which ways can the items in a cart be wrapped?

The items can be wrapped individually or together (in one gift box)

Is tax calculated on the wrapping service?

It depends on the setting of admins from the backend configuration.

Are customers allowed to change the wrappers?

Yes, the button of “Change Your Wrapper” will appear and allow a customer to change the current wrapper to another one.

Can I manage all the order of gift wrapping?

Yes, all the information related to wrapping orders will be recorded in the backend management order grid